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Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

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Drinking beer has its own health benefits. I was also skeptical before researching the topic. I mean how can drinking any form of alcohol be actually beneficial for anyone. There are many available that claim to be beer alcohol without yeast. I always thought that beer drinking is all about enjoying the moment and nothing else. But I was wrong. There are many sorts of alcohol that are actually beneficial for you. One of them being beer. Moderation is the crux here but. You must drink responsibly for sure. Let me come back to the topic. There are many health benefits of drinking beer. I will be listing them out below

Cardiac Care: Yes that’s true, moderate consumption of beer has been linked with better heart health. The risk of coronary heart disease seems to go down amongst beer drinkers. That’s mainly because of the blood-thinning property of the beer. It helps in keeping blood smooth enough to not form clots.

Weight Management: Surprised! Even I was surprised. How the F**k can beer help me reduce weight? Well, that’s because beer has something called xanthohumol that is instrumental in shedding weight and cholesterol. Well, that’s what the guys at Oregon university have found out. I am sure it’s true!

Gut care: Beer is actually good for your gut. That’s because it has an ample amount of fibres coming with it. Although not visible to the naked eye, beer does have 20% of recommended fibre. Guess that’s one reason why beer drinkers have glowing skin.

Reduced Risk of Cancer: Moderate beer drinkers have a reduced risk of getting some Mood Elevator: I guess that everyone knows. Beer is a great mood elevator. We all have felt it so I don’t think we need to discuss the science behind it.

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